Information for tenants

Below is a selection of general information for our services. Click on the title you want to read about. If you are wondering, please feel free to contact us.

Two easy ways to pay the rent

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to pay the rent, therefore we offer you an autogiro and e-invoice.

Autogiro – An easier way to pay your rent

The rent is deducted directly from your account on the last banking day of each month. You do not have to worry about forgetting or dropping an avi. As long as you do not get a new avi, the amount is the same every month.

E-invoice – for you with internet banking

Pay the rent easily using e-invoice. All you need to do is log in to your internet bank and choose to have e-invoice from ÅFA. Then you will only need to log in to your internet bank and accept the invoice and your payment will be processed automatically.

Three months

The cancelation period for residence is three months. The resignation may leave a request for a short notice period. This is only allowed if the person who has offered the apartment wants to move in earlier. The apartment is not offered after who can take it to the desired notice date but according to the rental policy.


Cancelation of residence and engine heater location

Cancelation must be made in writing, on the contract there is a box on page 2 at the bottom for this purpose. If a contract is not available, write the notice in letter form. The notice will be sent to ÅFA, Box 5, 841 21 ÅNGE. Termination shall be available at the latest by the first of the month.


Cancelation – Death

In case of death, one month’s notice period applies. Dismisses the accommodation after cancelation, the notice period changes from three to one month. If two are on contract and one deceased, one month’s notice period is within one month from the date of death.


Cancelation – move to service center / retirement home

In case of dismissal due to relocation to a service center or a retirement home, one month’s notice period applies.


Engine heater

Cancelation period for engine heater is nine months. Cancelation must be made in writing. See above.


If you live in a multi-family house, you must accept sounds and other disorders associated with a normal life, but you will never be able to sustain ongoing and serious interference.

Hopefully, it feels safe to live in a multi-family house because you have people around you.

But it is important to keep in mind that people have different reference frameworks. Some are bothered by things that others do not care about.

Some are evening people, while others get up early. To work together and enjoy it, it is necessary to take into account others, both within their own walls and in common areas.

We want you to enjoy yourself and for everyone to be together, it’s important not to be disturbed by residents.

All tenants are required to show consideration, this applies in the apartment, common areas such as staircase, elevator and laundry room.

ÅFA seriously looks at disturbances, the one who disturbs and does not correct for awards, may be dismissed from the apartment. We have a call number which can be called after 16:00, if you are disturbed evenings and nights as well as public holidays, call immediately at tel. 070-328 75 14 so we can go out and document the situation.


Day time

If you get disturbed during the daytime – contact ÅFA on phone 0690-250 381.

Examples of interference may be:

  • Someone plays music at very high volume.
  • Sound parties.
  • A dog barks high and long.
  • Some drills, nails or banks late in the evening after 22:00.
  • Someone uses the washing machine at night.


Of course, you and your family should be able to move you normally in the apartment without being afraid of being regarded as disturbing. Night time should be taken into account so that the neighbors are not disturbed.

There is a lot you can do to prevent problems from occurring. You can also fix some of the most common errors. Here are some tips.



If there is a stop in the washbasin, you should check the silencer and the water trap yourself before misinterpreting.

  • If there is a stop in the floor well, you should clean the hair and the like on and under the grille in the floor well before misrepresenting it. The floor drain in the bathroom can often be opened at the bottom or lift up, so you can access hairbags and the like. Everything will be charged if you are not cleaned / cleaned.
  • If the water runs out badly, use a cleaner and pump in the bottom valve on the drain. You can also use a plunger as an aid to clean the bottom valve on the wash basin.
  • To avoid destroying the drainage pipes and our environment, do not use caustic soda in the drain.
  • To avoid stopping the drains, do not flush down sanitary items in the toilet.



  • In order for the fan to work as well as possible, clean the fan filter at least once a month. For example, you can put it in a long boiler (for the oven) with hot water and dish soap overnight. Then flush out properly. If you need a new filter, call us for a new one.
  • To avoid stops, do not pour the coffee jar and cooking oil into the slush.



  • If the power in the apartment is not working, check the fuses in the apartment before you report a malfunction.
  • If your lights are not lit, make sure that the connector for the roof lighting is properly engaged. If there are three holes, it may be wrong. You should also check that the bulbs and fluorescent lamps work. Always replace both fluorescent lamps and glare lighter before misinterpreting. Lamps / fluorescent lamps are paid by the tenant.
  • To prevent hazardous substances from getting into the trash, take the old fluorescent lamp and the glare pointer to a recycling center or environmental station. Do not throw the fluorescent lamps in the trash.



  • If the Spaniards (window-proof) or the door lock to the balcony door are sluggish, you can lubricate yourself with lubricants such as 5:56, sycamore oil or the like.


If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us or make a error report.

Here you will find documents that may be of use to you.

All forms are opened as PDF and can be printed.

Registration for Autogiro forms

Checklist for cleaning

ÅFA like other real estate companies aims to reduce their energy consumption to a reasonable and environmentally friendly level. ÅFA has set its standard to have an indoor temperature of 20-21 ° C on ordinary accommodation.


Thermostat valve effect

On your radiators there is a thermostat valve that regulates the hot water flow to your radiators. The thermostat valve shaves the flow when it gets too hot in the room ie 21 ° C. This moment may make the radiator feel cold and it indicates that the room has enough temperature.


Additional radiator

When using additional radiator, the temperature will probably exceed the temperature at which the radiator valve’s thermostat is set, which will mean that your apartment will only increase slightly in temperature. The radiators will then get cold.


At temperature change

When the temperature goes from very cold to a mild climate, the feeling of some cold can be felt in the apartments.


Do not block the radiator

One should avoid blocking its radiator to maximize efficiency. If you block the radiator with te.x. a sofa, the warm air can not reach the rest of the room. This can significantly reduce your indoor temperature.

If the temperature in your apartment is not within the stated values, please contact ÅFA.


Climate and operating criteria

It is important that you have home insurance.


You must feel safe in your on home. However, there is a lot of things that can happen that’s not your fault. Burglary, fire, water damage, accident event – the list can be made long. Home insurance applies to you and your family. It may include, movable property, cash and valuables.

Without a Home Insurance, you may incur high compensation costs if you are causing a damage to another’s property.

What happens when you are late with the rent?


Paying the rent is one of the most important things you do every month.

Nevertheless, many people do not pay on time. We simply want to explain what happens if you do not pay the rent on time and tell you how expensive it will be for you in the end.

Your monthly rent must be paid in advance. It will be paid on the last weekday of the month for the following month. For example, April’s monthly rent will be paid in the last weekday in March.

If you do not pay the rent on time, you will receive a certificate from PROFINA. It costs you 180 kronor (plus late payment from expiry date) in the collection fee. If you do not pay despite the claim letter, the case goes on to Kronofogden, costing from SEK 380 (plus interest).

If we still have not been paid after the Kronofogden has been involved, you risk being evicted. This will also incur additional costs for you, SEK 600 (plus interest on late payment).

If you know you can not pay the rent on time, call us at 0690-250 382 and we will try to solve the problem together.

Everyone needs to wash and the shared laundry rooms are used diligently. If everyone helps keep the laundry clean and tidy, work will be more enjoyable.


Here are some simple and clear rules for the laundry to work well:

  • Read the instructions for the various machines.
  • Keep wash times

Next tenant should not have to wait.

  • Clean up after you

The laundry must be cleaned after each wash. Even though it looks clean: sweep and dry the floors.

  • Clean the machines

Clean the laundry and rinse aid compartment, drain the lint filter in the dryer, wipe the drying cabinet and wipe the washer and dryer.

  • Consider the environment

Neither people, washing machines nor the environment are doing too much laundry. Do not use a dose greater than the detergent manufacturer recommends.

Fill the machine every time you wash. Use ecolabelled detergents.

Below we have compiled some links to other websites that may be useful in everyday life.

Did you remember to change your address when you move?

Are you entitled to housing allowance? Check out Föräkringskassan.

Fyrfasen Energi


Ånge kommun

Most of the minor jobs in your apartment, as a tenant, you will perform yourself, such as replacing incandescent lamps, cleaning sewers, etc. If you are unable to perform the work yourself, you can order it at a charged price. After performing work, we will charge you according to price list below.

Price list excluding VAT

Servive Price
Property Manager (apartment.guset) 360 kr/hour
Carpenter (apartment.guset) 360 kr/hour
Cleaning 300 kr/hour

For example, if you report a malfunction to us and it is found that you as a tenant did not clean the drain well, we will charge you according to the above taxi. If this occurs after regular working hours, you will be charged for emergency preparedness, which costs 1,000 kr / hr (incl. VAT).

Make sure you always have lamps, fluorescent lamps and fuses at home. You as the tenant are responsible for providing your apartment.

To order work in your apartment please call 0690-250 381 or email

The applicable price list applies to services that ÅFA provides (note: all prices include VAT):

Service Price
Booking cylinder laundry 150 kr
Absence of fire detector upon removal 500 kr
Absence of battery for fire alarm when moving 250 kr
Cylinder replacement incl. 3 keys 2 100 kr
Extra booking cylinder 100 kr
Extra key 200 kr / 250 kr
Extra key motor heater 100 kr
Unlocking apartment  07.00-16.00 300 kr
Unlocking of apartment other time, night/weekend 700 kr
Lost tenant information 1 000 kr

There are a number of basic requirements that you must meet to rent a home with us.

  • Submitted housing application
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have a Swedish social security number
  • You should be able to show good references from previous landlords
  • You may not have payment remarks or debts with Kronofogden or to any other landlord
  • You will have a valid home insurance at your disposal
  • You will have a stable financial situation to be able to handle the rent for the apartment you are interested in


Counts as income

– Salary, pension or entrepreneurial income

– A-kassa, sickness compensation, parental allowance

– Child allowance, maintenance allowance, housing allowance / supplement

– Introductory Compensation

– Student aid

– Supply aid. This requires additional security, such as the castle and good rental references



We take credit information on all applicants. An acceptable guarantor is required if you have low income or low-cost payment remarks.

Customers staying with us will not be credit checked upon the change of apartment. Exceptions to this are made if the new accommodation is significantly more expensive.


Payment Notes

Applicants with a payment reminder may get rejected, but have the opportunity to credit their queue time.

However, an agreement is not approved if there is a debt to Ånge Fastighets & Industri AB or if there has been disturbance in previous accommodation.


We are the landlord who makes a final assessment before the rental agreement can be signed.

– before inspection

– that all the equipment belonging to the apartment, such as doors, hat shelves, curtain fittings, disc stands etc. are in the apartment on the inspection day.

– that parquet floors and floors in the wet areas (bathroom, toilet, utility room and kitchen) are not hidden by carpeting.

– before departure

– that the entire apartment is well cleaned. Do not forget about the balconies and storage rooms.

– Decals and contact paper have been removed.

– that carpeting in addition to the standard of the apartment has been removed.

– that all keys belonging to the apartment are returned by 12 noon on the day of departure.


Floor drains
Window with window frames and windows
Lists and thresholds
Doors, handles and frames
Element, even behind
Power switch and power outlet
Wardrobes inside and outside as well as possible on top
wardrobe backs


Stove inside and outside as well as on top of and behind Fridge and freezer. Freeze and clean inside and outside as well as on and under the grille, under the fridge and freezer compartment
Cabinets inside and outside
Boxes inside and outside
Worktops on top and bottom
Oven fan and also filter and spice rack


Bathroom and toilet
The inside and outside of the toilet, as well as bends
Bathtub, also below
Washbasin, including bottom
Bathroom cabinet and mirror
Floor drain


  • In case of re-inspection, the tenant is charged with 500 SEK / inspection date.
  • If the apartment is left in a vacant condition, the cost of cleaning will be charged.

Senior Residence Villagatan 1 Ånge “Höghuset”

A residence for you over 65 years. Elevator is available in the property. You feel that it would be safe and fun with

more community and proximity to the city center, perhaps a senior residence would fit.

In the property there are 18 rooms, 1 room and kitchen, 24 2 rooms and a kitchen and 2 3 rooms and a kitchen.

Senior citizens who need help from the home service apply for this via the municipality’s assistance handler.

At present, all apartments are rented in Ånge.

Senior residence at Torpsro, Centralvägen 14 Fränsta (new part)

A residence for you over 65 years. Easy to reach the house, elevator and easily accessible land apartments.

The apartments have their own balcony or patio, close to the laundry room.

In the property there are 6 1 room apartment, 15 2 rooms and a kitchen and 3 3 rooms and a kitchen.

Senior citizens who need help from the home service apply for this via the municipality’s assistance handler.

Senior citizens can not use staff at Torpsro.

At present, all apartments are rented in Fränsta

Probably, you can store a apartment key with a good friend or neighbor if you ever lock yourself out.

If you would like to lock yourself outside, please call our error report or our property order to order unlocking.

Unlock weekdays, office hours, call Error message 0690-250 381, cost: 300 kr.

Unlocking evenings and weekends: Call Property Order 070-328 75 14, cost: 700 kr.

Please note that we always charge for unlocking! All prices are inclusive of VAT.

When unlocking, you must be able to identify yourself.

If you have lost a key and therefore can not return all the keys when you move, we will charge you for cylinder change. The cost of this is 2 100 kr.

According to the board decision, the youth discount ceases to apply from 2016-10-01.

Existing contracts with youth discounts continue to apply in accordance with previous decisions.